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Petrong Software Solutions is a software development enterprise comprising a team of experts, that provides disruptive, adoptable, and cost efficient software solutions for the educational, economic and financial sectors. The management aims at utilizing & enhancing technological development ranging from basic CRUD applications to deep tech solutions, to improve engagement for folks in the lower and middle class as much as the higher class.

Products at the company are listed below (some of which are still under development):


A Digital School For Secondary School Students

This product is aimed at saving parents excessive cost while their wards/children still enjoy high quality education without the unnecessary constraints and inconveniences that accompany conventional education system in Nigeria. Education becomes more affordable and accessible to the less privileged.

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  • Pacioli

    Pacioli is a low-cost account reconciliation software for non-bank microlending financial institutions, it will evolve into a much more robust core banking application, providing it’s users with more flexibility, ease of use and a maximum reduction in the cost of financial processes.

  • HomeSchool

    HomeSchool is an educational digital solution that offers a fun-filled, immersive, learning-efficient and cost-effective “digital school” for individual Secondary School students. It utilizes Virtual Reality Technology to enhance learning via off-the-track 3D video/virtual tutoring.

  • Pcube Deluxe

    Pcube Deluxe a mobile application to help users develop android applications within a few taps/clicks

  • Planavac

    Planavac is a software application that teaches and help to grow, strengthen and inspire a healthy relationship amongst families, work colleagues, school students, old friends, etc. , through vacations.

  • The School Planet

    The School Planet is a platform that interconnects parents with highly affordable yet quality schools for their children/wards.


To invent software that will provide solution to the needs of people across the globe, from the lowest to the highest class.


To continue to adopt new software development technologies until reliable and secured methods are derived to solve real world problems.

HomeSchool - Schools Tour

A 3D virtual tour of all Higher Institutions in Nigeria, enabling students to see and be informed of the school environment, facilities and infrastructures. They will then be able to make guided decisions on their choice of institution without having to physically visit the schools.

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What we do?

Our services are focused on providing software that generates revenue and reduce cost for clients, while solving the specified problems for which the software was designed.

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We are a team of expert software developers trained to work with quality and speed, and with one or more of the developers giving 100% commitment to timely delivery of individual clients’ projects, exceptional service delivery to clients is assured.

Where we are?

We are situated at the bordeline of one of the largest cities in the state. Location is no limitation to quality and timeliness of the delivery of software services or products to client.

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